The xPAP machine is connected to a delivery hose which carries the air under pressure to the Mask. Uusally the hose is a ribbed hose 6ft long with an external diameter of 1". Some companies attach an small auxiallary hose to the main hose. The auxiallary hose is used to transmit the pressure at the mask driectly to the mask. This provides a more accurate pressure measurement to the machine.

Some users experience a phenomenon called "Rain out". Drops of water condense in the tube dut to the high humidity of the air leaving the humidifier and encoutnering the cold walls of the hose. Rain out can be avoided by having a warmer hose. This can be accomplished by putting a sleeve around the hose or by providing a electically heated hose cover.

The heated hose cover most often used is the "Sleep Zone Heated CPAP Tubing". It is known as the "Aussie" hose as it is manufactured in Australia. Rested Gal has provided a number of links to discussions about the Aussie Heated Hose

The standard hose supplied with a machine is 6 ft long. Sometimes users wish to extend it in order to make Hose Management more convenient. This can be done by using a coupler to connect two 6ft hoses or buying a 10ft long hose.

Some concern has been expressed about the impact of longer hoses on the quality of treatment. ddpelp reports that a Respironics representative stated that this would not affect the quality of treatment.

dsm has reported some measurements he made on pressure drop in hoses. He reported measuring a 0.5 cms H2O pressure drop along a 6 ft long hose and a 0.75 cms H2O pressure drop along a 10ft long hose under normal operating conditions

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