A collection of hints and tips on using CPAPtalkEdit

Getting a link to a particular message in a thread.Edit

Bill Bolton suggests clicking on the little white square that appears immediately to the left of the word "Posted" that appears at top left corner of each message. Clicking on this icon (the so-called mini-post icon) will display the message with its URL in the browser bar. So copying this address will provide a link so that other messages can link directly to the chosen message. Thanks Bill

Shortening a urlEdit

It is possible to display the title of a url rather than the url itself by using the following construct: [url---http;//][b]URL Title[/b][/url]

(Note replace the --- symbols with = symbol, had to use to avoid Spam Filter)

See example

Lots of cute tricksEdit

The users manual has a cheat sheet on lots of wonderful things you can do when posting.